Let the Lions Roar!

Several years back — before children, before puppies, before time ran away from me — I was granted an opportunity to write a book for the Chicago Zoological Society. The final product, “Let the Lions Roar! The Evolution of Brookfield Zoo“, was the culmination of dozens of oral histories, countless hours scouring old newspapers for stories, and dusty times in the zoo archive searching for papers and pictures. Stitching together those bits and pieces into a story, a timeline of events, was a treat for this puzzle-solver.

I’m working together with the Chicago Zoological Society on an updated version of Let the Lions Roar! Stay tuned!

Aerial photo of zoo

Reviews of “Let the Lions Roar!”

  • A must have for anyone who is interested in this zoo’s history.”
  • This book has a ton of photos and I would recommend it to any zoo lover!”
  • A wonderful inside view of this important institution.”
  • I recommend this book for anyone with a love for the zoo and hopefully relive good memories!”
  • Amazing book about the zoo.”

*Photos courtesy of Chicago Zoological Society